Buying Real Estate

Here at Brinwood Homes, we buy and sell real estate to our vast network of investor clients. Our company receives discounted real estate properties from our clients looking to sell their properties to real estate investors. If you have a property where an owner is looking to sell quickly, our company can help you sell that property utilizing our private network of investors. Our investors will review the property to see if they want to provide an all cash offer and add it to their real estate portfolio.

Single Family Homes

Our company mainly purchases single family homes but we also receive deals on other types of properties as well. We purchase the home in its current condition and close on the property quickly.

Multi Family Homes

We have many investors looking for multi family homes as an investment for the future. Please reach out to us with all your property information and a representative will review your inquiry.

Rental Properties

Sometimes you may just want to unload a rental property and cash out for more cash flow. We understand all the work rental properties can be so this is common to see what offer you can receive.

Retail Properties

You may have a retail property or commercial property that you would like to sell. We have many investors where we can send your property information to be evaluated. Contact us today!

1. Buying Real Estate

We use a team approach on locating and finding properties that have a potential of a good return on our investment. We look for homes that meet a certain criteria and some of the examples we listed below.

Neglected Homes In Need Of Repair

Homes That Have A Good Re-Sell Location

Property Located In A Good School System

Property With Potential To Add Square Footage

Location Where Demand For Housing Is High

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buying real estate

2. Types of Investors

Here at Brinwood Homes, we buy and sell real estate to our private network of investor clients. Our company provides off market deals exclusively to real estate investors. We are always looking to grow our investor group. We will send out our newely acquired properties to your email address you provide. Our team is available for you to discuss the type of properties you are looking to acquire. Our internal software system will put you into a category such as the ones listed below. If you want to be in all category listings that is fine, just let us know when you fill out the signup form. We look forward to working with you!

Fix And Flip

We select these investors for properties that need a major renovation that can provide a great return on an investment. An investor who is looking to rehab the property and bring it to market.

Buy And Hold

We send properties to buy and hold investors looking for a small cosmetic renovation to the property that they can turn into a rental unit. These properties are great for long term wealth building.

Retail Buyers

Sometimes we receive a deal on a newer property that an investor would like to add to their portfolio. Also these investors are looking to purchase homes that are up to date to current market standards.

3. Invest With Us

Our company works with outside investors to purchase real estate property. Our team will work with you to discuss your goals and find the right properties at the right price to grow your investment portfolio. Use the power of real estate to grow your net worth and increase your cash flow today.

Increase Net Worth

Provide More Cash Flow

Help Reduce Debt on Loans

More Secure Investment Over Time

Greater Return on Investment

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invest in real estate

4. Finding Real Estate Properties

Our team will use the methods listed below to locate and find real estate properties for a potential investment. Our advertising channels provide us with clients looking to sell a property quickly. We receive these leads from multiple channels and we are highlighting the main channels below.


Targeting to the right client is the first step in the marketing process. In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you have to deliver your brand message to that audience.

Website Traffic

One of the advertising channels is our website that brings awareness to our brand and services. Our advertising will ultimately lead the client back to our website for conversion.

Social Media

We run a social media advertising campaign to gain more followers to our brand that we can turn into clients at a later date or time. This will help grow our client base and online reach.


One of the more popular advertising channels is a leads campaign that sends the client to a landing page where we gather an email address or contact information that we can use to contact the client.


A mailer is sent to a client who we feel would likely sell the property due to one of the main selling factors we listed on this page. The client will reach out to the number we sent on our letter.

Phone Calls

Sometimes the clients call in from our advertising leads. We also have dedicated follow up phone calls that are set by our CRM system to continuously contact a client looking to sell a property.

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The Buying Process

Our team has developed a buying process for real estate properties. We use our proven strategies to analyze the property to see if there is a potential investment available. We will work with the clients goals and needs review all the information about the property. After visiting the property, we will analyze the deal as a team and develop a formal transparent offer to the client. The property will be showcased to our investors to see if anyone will be interested in adding the property to their portfolio.

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  • Advertising Lead

    We send out advertising about our company online and offline through letters to potential clients.

  • Clients Goals

    We work with our clients to find a solution to their unique situation to see if we can find an agreement.

  • View Property

    Our team will view the property and review the information with the client about the history of the property.

  • Analyze Deal

    Once all the information is gathered about the property we will analyze the deal and submit a formal offer.

Take advantage of our real estate services to create more wealth and have better cash flow. Increase your ROI with our company by becoming an investor with Brinwood Homes.