Below are the main questions we have received about our service. These questions are what we receive the most after speaking with homeowners about working with our company. Our dedicated support team is available to answer all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting our website. By setting up your property as a short term rental with our company, you receive many benefits that we can highlight for you. You will receive timely rental payments working with us instead of an individual. The property will be better maintained and managed throughout the year because it is in our best interest to keep the property in the best condition possible for our guests. We have a local team that is available anytime to help work on the property for any minor repairs or maintenance that is necessary. Our company has protection insurance for all guests that visit the property so you can rest easy if an accident occurs on the property. We put in place security monitoring on the property to ensure the guests abide by the documents they sign about the property guidelines. Also we have a professional cleaning service with a detailed checklist to keep the property in the best condition. These are just some of the main benefits you receive by working with us instead of an individual tenant. Please reach out to us for more details. We look forward to working with you.
We will provide details on how to submit an application to your city to setup your property as a short term rental. Once you receive the permit from the city, you can begin working with us on setting up the property as a short term rental.
Most properties qualify as a short term rental. However, some HOA organizations do not allow a short term rental and in that case we would have to review the guidelines to see if a provision can be added to accept our company working with your property. In some cases the city has sectioned off areas or types of properties that are not allowing short term rentals. We would have to work with the city to see if your property falls into that category.
We have a comprehensive listing agreement that is shown on the listing and is sent directly to the client. After a guest books our listing, we go through a back ground check on the guest to ensure they meet our requirements to rent out the property. Each guest is aware of what guidelines we have put in place for each property. The guest has to sign off on the document outlining what is not permitted on the property in order to continue to book the property for their desired dates. This ensures the guest is made aware of what is allowed before entering the property. Our local team also checks in on the property utilizing the security available to ensure the guests are complying with the rules and guidelines.
Our local team works with a professional cleaning crew that has a detailed checklist to review the property in between guest stays. During the checklist process if some needs repair or maintenance for a minimal cost we will take care of it for you. Any major appliance or structure damage that is not minimal repair will have to be taken care of by the owner of the property. Most of the time there are just minimal repairs needed that we take care of to ensure the guests have a great experience at the property. It is in our best interest to ensure the property stays in great condition so the guests will want to return in the future.
We prefer to have keyless entry to the property for ease of guest use. If you are against keyless entry, we do have work arounds that we can implement at the property. When our local team visits the property, we will discuss with you any improvements or recommendations to the property. Any upgrade improvements to the property can be negotiated in the agreement we sign together. We will work with you on how to best setup the property as a short term rental.
It all depends upon what is currently avaliable at the property. If the property is fully furnished, we may only have to update or move the furniture for better flow for guests. If the property does not have any furniture, then we can come to an agreement on how we should add furniture to the property. Each property has its own unique qualities and we want to highlight all the main attractions available on the property.