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Welcome to Brinwood Homes! Our company will help you grow your net worth through the power of real estate throughout the year. You will be partnering with a company that can grow your portfolio and provide a return on your investment backed by real estate properties.

Invest With Us!

Our company provides our investors a off market properties we secure with motivated sellers that you can purchase as a real estate investment. We mainly purchase single family homes but also we receive deals for multi-family properties as well.

At Brinwood Homes, we will showcase the properties we receive off market to our real estate investor buyer list so you will have the ability to purchase these properties on a first come first serve basis. This platform setup is best for the investor so there are no bidding wars on the property.

Our team works hard to secure properties at a discount for our investors. We have a dedicated team that works in the tri state area to hunt down deals for our investors using our vast networking channels. Take advantage of our deals by becoming a brinwood homes investor.

If you woud like to be included on our buyer list, please reach out to one of our representatives or fill out our investor sign up form to be added to our buyer list. please reach out to us today!

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1. Register Your Account

Sign up on our website to go through our approval process. Please fill out our online form completely and if you have any questions you can reach out to one of our representatives.

2. Review Your Information

We will gather and review the information you provided to us. A representative will reach out to you to discuss our process of sending you deals and review the terms and agreements with you.

3. Selected For Approval

Once approved, you will be able to register your account with us and view the properties we have available. You can contact us anytime to discuss a property you would like to invest in.

Invest With Us

Invest With Brinwood Homes!

There is no better time than today to start investing into real estate. Our team will help you find the right properties at the right price to grow your investment portfolio with the power of real estate. Register today to become an investor with our company.

Increase Net Worth

Provide More Cash Flow

Higher Investment Return

Help Reduce Debt On Loans

More Secure Investment Over Time

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Private Investor Network

Our company provides off market real esate properties that are discounted real estate opportunities only for our private real estate network. You can become a private investor with us today and receive great real estate investment opportunites sent to your inbox. Reach out to us today to discuss becoming a private investor with brinwood homes.

Are you a real estate investor?

Are you an investor looking to receive a greater return on your money with a highly secured real estate investment? Maybe your current investment portfolio is providing you with low returns, high risk investments, lack of performance, or market conditions that are too uncertain. Brinwood homes maybe a solution for you! We offer off market discounted real estate properties sent to us everyday. We review the properties and offer only the best opportunities to our clients.

Are you a wholesaler who has a property under contract and are looking to move a property quickly? Our team can help review your real estate deal and see if we can provide an offer for your property. We have many wholesaler clients who send us deals daily looking to get their property sold. Our private network of investors will let us know if they want to purchase the property with an all cash offer. Our investor group loves to receive new discounted real estate deals.

We would love to become your exclusive disposition company for your business to move off market real estate properties to our investor network. We will take care of the entire disposition side of the business to close on the property. You can work on the acquisition side of the business and let Brinwood Homes take care of purchasing the property. Our representatives are available to answer your questions today. We look forward to working with you and your business model today.

If you would like to be included on our private investor list, please fill out our investor sign up form to be added to our private investor list. Please reach out to us today!

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Take advantage of our real estate services to create more wealth and have better cash flow. Increase your ROI with our company by becoming an investor with Brinwood Homes.

For Investors

Below are some of the main reasons why you should register to join our company as an investor. Our team is available for you if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our company. We look forward to hearing from you.

Buy A Property

As an investor with us, you get access to the houses we want to sell that we have purchased at a significant discount compared to comparable homes in the area.

Flip A Property

You will have access to properties we offer to you that have the potential to be renovated for a significant profit. We may not have the time to complete the renovation.

Buy and Hold

Once you purchase a property, you have the ability to hold onto the property and sell it when the market rises to receive a greater return on your investment.

Buy and Sell

By being an investor with us, you will receive properties at a discounted price where you can simply purchase and sell back on the market with a real estate agent.

Rent It Out

Once you purchase the property from us, you have the ability to simply hire a property manager to rent the home for you to provide cash flow on your investment.

Wholesale Property

By working with Brinwood Homes, we can become your exclusive disposition company. We have a private network of investors looking for discounted real estate properties.